California Hippy Ice cream is the new boy on the 

block, giving you fantastically wild new concoctions as well as

the old favourites.

Uh, hum...confession to make...we don't come from California,

nor have we ever had the great pleasure of going there, but we

do keep everything freshly made and use mother nature's

ingredients only. 

We also keep things local, yes for the environment, but

mainly because we are far too lazy and unambitious to travel

any further than beyond our own backyard in Oxford.  Hence

our ice cream is found in selected local stores only, so keep

your eyes peeled.

You might however be lucky enough to spot one of our

friendly ice cream bikers riding past in the sun, but don't worry,

you won't need to run too fast to catch up with them because

they eat too much of our ice cream and cannot peddle very


And don't forget to say hi to Udder for us, she gets rather lonely

stuck on page eight all on her own.